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Experience Arts East

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Canada's First Railway Tunnel, Aquatarium

See the Frontenac Arch Biosphere through the eyes of artists and artisans. Naturally rich, a history reaching 9,000 years into the past, and a rural charm that has escaped the feverish pace of this century - the Frontenac Arch inspires one of the highest per capita artist populations in Canada. On this tour, find artists at their galleries, in theatres, in their studios and at community hot spots. Note that some locations have business hours listed; others may be by appointment, advising you to call. One needs to be somewhat flexible - consider it a chance to get to know the artists, and art scene of the region. The route will take you off the beaten path, to the laneways leading to where art lives. Immerse yourself in the arts scene. Bring your brushes, have your camera ready. Inspiration awaits around every corner. The tour suggests places along the route where you may find inspiration of your own.