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Five Forest Tour

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Chimney Island, Gordon Rock Shelter

The Frontenac Arch, especially at this midway region between the Canadian Shield and  Adirondack Mountains, has extremely rich natural environments and biodiversity. It was an ideal candidate for a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 

It’s a classic case of “location, location, location”. The Frontenac Arch connects the boreal forest of the Canadian Shield to the Appalachian forests of the Adirondack and Appalachian Mountains. And here at the centre of the Frontenac Arch, the St. Lawrence Valley links the forests of the Great Lakes and Atlantic Coast. It’s an intersection of major natural migration routes, linking those forest regions. 

Forest types reflect their geology and climate. The Frontenac Arch and the river valley are corridors that link and intermingle them. The geological character of this landscape and the moderating effect of Lake Ontario created the niches and opportunities for the plants and animals more normally found in other geographies to coexist. 

Explore this subtle mix of forests and see the biodiversity first hand. This tour will take you from sandstone plains, to the rugged core of the Frontenac Arch. Wear your hiking shoes; bring along field guides and binoculars if you have them.