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Elgin Heritage Walking Tour

House in Elgin


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For more information contact the Township of Rideau Lakes:
Phone: (613) 928-2251 or 1-800-928-2250
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Additional Information

This area in what was the former Township of South Crosby was settled in 1818 by Ebenezer Hallady and was originally know as Halladay's Corners. Elgin eventually grew to be the commercial and politcal hub of South Crosby. The building of the Rideau Canal also improved commerce in the area. Many homes were built by the Stanton family and their style of leveled off tops of peaked roofs can still be seen today.

This walking tour starts with the earliest settlers in the area, and progresses through time. Be sure to take note of some of the houses that date back as far as 1844. You can also see churchs, stores, and schools that are still in use today attributed to the fine workmanship undertaken in years gone by.