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Westport Heritage Walking Tour

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Spy Rock


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Additional Information

Now known as "The Heart of Rideau Lakes", Westport is nestled between two of the more prominent hills of the lower Precambrian Shield, the Village of Westport began it's existence as a milling location. The lakes to the west provided ample motive power as they drained through the valley to Rideau Lake. Sheldon Stoddard built the first mill at the foot of Sand Lake in 1828. A year later, the Manhard Brothers, William, Peter, and David built a saw mill where the water enters Rideau Lake. In 1830 the first retail store was established by David Sinclair and the village became know as Manhards Mills. The Rideau Canal was opened in 1832 and the village had access to Kingston on Lake Ontario, as well as Bytown (Ottawa) and Montreal.

In Westport Village visitors will find a wide range of things to see and do. Including walking the historic streets of Westport to discover shops offering everything from antiques and original artwork to unique fashions and jewelry. Take a step back in time with a visit to the captivating Rideau District Museum, or discover the natural beauty of Foley Mountain Conservation Area where you can find a breathtaking view of the entire Village from atop Spy Rock, named one of the biosphere's Amazing Places.