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What is a Biosphere?

World Biosphere Reserves are designated by the United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). They are a regions where globally significant ecological systems are protected, not by new legislation, but by education and support for sustainable community development. The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve is one of 15 Biosphere Reserves in Canada, among 553 in 107 countries. Learn more...

Where is the Frontenac Arch Biosphere?

FAB, or the Biosphere as it's locally known, is a 2,700 sq. km. area of southeastern Ontario, about midway from Toronto and Montreal, between the communities of Brockville, Gananoque and Westport. Learn more...

What is the Frontenac Arch?

The Frontenac Arch is an ancient, massive ridge of Precambrian granite that is a southern extension of the Canadian Shield that connects the Shield to the Adirondack Mountains. In First Nation's lore, it is the "Bones of the Mother". The Arch is a migration route from the boreal to Appalachian forests. The Arch is crossed at its centre by the St. Lawrence Valley, connecting the forests of the Atlantic Coast with the Great Lakes heartland of the continent. This continental crossroads brings five forest regions together, for Canada's greatest biodiversity.

What is next?

Our goal is to add information layers about history, ecology, land use, the farm landscape, the arts community, climate data, community infrastructure and the many other topics that paint the complete picture of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere. Consider this as an encyclopedia, of sorts which both you, and our many community partners can help create. After all, building together and partnerships for sustainable communities is what World Biosphere Reserves are all about.

Who develops FAB?

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere is guided in the development of this site by the Biosphere Trails Council, which itself is a member of the Ontario Trails Council. The Biosphere Trails Council is a network of the many trails organizations of this region. Neither the Biosphere or the Council owns any trails, or property. All trails described in this site are owned and/or managed by agencies or other organizations. As you explore this site, you'll find links to the sites and further information about those groups. All trails described are either sanctioned trail systems, or are suggested routes on public roads or waterways.

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