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Lessons in a Backpack

Lessons in a Backpack

Bringing environmental education resources to students and making it easier for teachers is the goal of the Lessons in a Backpack program!

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network with assistance from the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and funding support from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Foundation, TransCanada and the Sifton Foundation, is in the pilot phase of this new program.

6 schools in the region have recieved backpacks for grades 2-6 (5 to each school) that contain Ontario curriculum based lessons plans and the non-consumable supplies needed to complete the hands-on activities.  Backpacks are designed to be taken outside to the school yard, local park or any natural area.  They help turn the outdoors into a classroom!  They give teachers a ready-made lesson in a grade specific environmental topic. 

With feedback from our pilot schools, we hope to gain insite and show funders what a success the program can be.  Additional funding will help improve our backpacks, create more lessons and deliver more backpacks to more schools.

But the backpacks are not just for schools!  Anyone can download these lessons for use in homeschooling, daycare, camp or just fun with the kids!  Each group of grade specific lessons and the supporting materials can be found below.   

The materials are all free to download, but if you enjoy them please consider making a donation to FABN so we can continue to provide these great resources!

If you have questions about the Lessons in a Backpack program please email