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Eastern Ribbonsnake

Eastern Ribbonsnake (Thamnophis sauritus)

Status: special concern

One of the unique features of the Eastern Ribbonsnake is it give birth to live young. It is easy to identify with its 3 bright yellow stripes that run the length of it’s body and large eyes. They are semi-aquatic and prefer forested areas near the water where they prey primarily on frogs, fish and salamanders. They can be seen gliding across the surface of lakes and ponds, as they don’t dive like true water snakes. Loss of habitat and pollution have lead to the decline of the Eastern Ribbonsnake and they are now only found in southern Ontario, southwest Nova Scotia and Quebec. They remain active through out the year, but may be forced to hibernate in the colder winter months. These harmless snakes will rarely bite if handled, but best to watch them from a distance and enjoy the rare treat of seeing one in its natural habitat.