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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; learn more about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

17 SDG's


There are many things you can do to be sustainable in your home. This not only protects valuable resources and prevents damage to the environment, but can also save you money!

Ontario Power Authority - SaveONenergy - advice and tips on how to save energy and money.

How to Recycle Anything - a comprehensive list of places to recycle your unwanted items.

Water Waste Calculator - a water conservation tool that calculates how many liters of water faucet leaks waste per day. The tool can help environmentally conscious individuals determine how imperative it is to get a leak fixed in a timely manner. And as an added bonus, it can give individual an idea of how much the leak is costing them financially.

Thrifting Made Simple - Whether you’re new to thrifting, or want to get better at it. This guide has everything you need!

How to Make Cars More Eco Friendly and Sustainable


Great Resources for Kids